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We’re bringing amazing local art to every corner of the UK.


We are a small business based just outside Bognor Regis. We were founded in 2018 with the aim of connecting artists with art lovers around the UK.

We started off as a market stall but quickly moved 100% online. Since then, we’ve shipped over 3,000 prints, held over 100 online exhibitions and featured 16 amazing artists.

We’re helping artists reach art lovers.


We think the internet does a better job of connecting artists with art lovers than any traditional gallery. We help artists scan and upload their work, then connect them with thousands of people through social media.

Are you an artist that’s interested in working with us? If so, click here.


We’re fair, transparent and easy


We want it to be as easy as possible to buy art online. That’s why we offer free shipping and returns on every order.

If a piece doesn’t look quite right on your wall just drop it back – we even cover return postage.